About us

Ridgefell Comics started in 2012 and located in Canada. We focus on online graphic novel, webcomics and small press. We have an awesome collaborative team of dedicated individuals:

  • J.Kutzer the new artist
  • Grande #0, Y.Cakra #1, N.Mrarji #2 1-8, C.Zhao #2 9-16 colorist
  • J.Cozine the letterer
  • Meehan/Allen and Cozine the Editors
  • HT the writer and creator
  • M.Chaix the web stuff guy

Ridgefell Comics is currently working on a new web series comic: Remanence. There will be updates along with the occasional journal update. The team is passionate about creating a great experience for you the readers. Please contact us if there is any questions, feedback or comments. Thanks for dropping by.

Remanence Synopsis

Remanence the Malevolent Fragment tells the story of Valdric, a fallen one, as he and his fellow evacuate from Tresbynn Village, embark on a treacherous journey towards a new home. On the way Valdric receives a chance to unravel past events, in which an unknown force invaded, claiming souls and fragments, ravaging the ecosphere in the process.

Meanwhile, in Mid-Realm four years have passed since the incident of Va Dun Strath. Under the Senate council’s peace agreement the kingdoms became united, allowing the Senate to utilize their full authority by unleashing mysterious obelisk energy to keep away the unnatural beings. Freya and company arrive at the capital to aid an investigation, while visions of her past in the capital haunt her very existence.